Thursday, November 3, 2011

a great victory Zamalek 1-0 Smouha

in the last minute Zamalek has rebated the game against Smouha after Shikabal Goal in loss time, the game held in Alexandria stadium.

Smouha goalkeeper Ramzi Saleh was the best player from Smouha side he saved so many serious chances, specificly Shikabala who was insisting to score.

Zamalek now is the second in the Egyptian league table while Smouha stopped in the 17th, the two teams played just four matches.

Smouha began the game with a serious attack from the right side but Abdel-Wahed saved it, Zamalek reaction was so fast when Shikabala passed the ball for Ahmed Gaafar but the last one didn't use the chance, then Goduin ball but again Abdel-Wahed saved it.

the second time It was one side game from the whites, they dominated game but Ramzi Saleh the alexanderian team savior, but against the countless attacks, he was not able to stand any more for all of this, the last minute in the loss time carried the surprise for Zamalek fans who didn't stop supprting their team until the end of the game.