Tuesday, April 3, 2012

FC Barcelona 3 - 1 AC Milan

It was a great feeling when I heard referee Whistle to declare that FC Barcelona has won one of the hardest games in this season, as I said yesterday in the previous post that this game will be so hard, and I explained my fears about Allegri tactics, I think that I was right in most of what I said, because It was so clear that AC-Milan manager was aiming to not win the first leg in Milan nor winning, hoping that he will score a goal, then turning the game to his side by closing all the spaces and to make it annoying for Barca players to pass the ball as they are doing.
yesterday I said the 11 players that Guardiola will use in this game, I was right in 10, the only one was that I said that he will give Alexis the chance to begin or Pedro, but he didn't use both of them, and Cesc was Guardiola choice.

the game began so normal at the first 10 minutes, an Obsession for the ball as usual from FC Barcelona players, passing the ball easily moving here and there, with some aggressive from AC Milan players side, Barca was so close from the first minute to score the first goal which came a a little bit late after 2 missed chances of Messi who was the man of the match.
after 20 minutes of the missed chances, Messi won a penalty kick when Nesta Hampered his leg, and Messi was on the time to score his first Goal in the game, he put the ball on Abbiati right side, after the goal Milan stressed FC Barcelona and began to be more active, and they gained the results soon after a throw pass from Ibrahimovic to Nocerino who was face to face with Valdes and scored on the right side of Victor valdes.

the domination of FC Barcelona returned, the active-messi was causing a a lot of troubles for Milan's defenders, and he was like a headache for Allegri who tried to stop him but It was all in vain, because one of Guardiola's philosophies is to not depend on one player, the team worked perfectly, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets and Cesc were dominating the battle area tightly.
again Messi was on his second time to score the second goal also this time from a penalty kick too, when Nesta pulled Busquets t-shirt, this time It was different because messi put it on the opposite side, declaring that Barca is in advance with 2 goals.

the first time finished and I was expecting that Allegri will use the changes to activate his middle, but the second half began with the same tactics and the same players, and Barca players dominated the ball again and they were so positive on the target, this time Iniesta was on the time to score the third goal, when he found the ball between his legs ready to settle in Abbiate's net.

Guardiola was so wise in handling the game, he made his 3 changes, when he took Xavi out and he replaced him with the active-Thiago then Sedo Kieta with Cesc then Adriano with Pique who was a little bit tired, while Allegri changes was not enough good to get Milan back to the game.

Let's say congratulation for our team, and tell him that It was the beginning, the upcoming is more hard, and to tell them to not believe in the others talk that the team who will success in passing this clash will be in the final is not true, still there Chelsea, and you all know that they want to take their revenge of the last game in champions league 2009 when Iniesta scored his goal and he sent them away of the tournament.

Highlight of the Game : when Messi was ready to score the first goal, Milan players were so depressed and It was so obvious on Ibrahimovic face, I could feel his feelings that It's useless to continue, we will lose anyway hahahaha