Zamalek club began as “Kasr El-Nile Club at the 5th of january 1911 by mr. merzbach who was a belgian lawyer. It had been the really first soccer clubs in Cairo appeared from its non-English expatriate folks. They created sports, social clubs and as activities each alongside its personal identity. A particular extremely major aspect of Zamalek was which it was actually a nightclub for all individuals as well as also not for any particular social, affordable, or ethnic reputation. Zamalek began and proceeded through World War I under the presidency of Merzbach, and as its Belgian secretaries (1st Shoduan, consequently Bochu). The next chairman had been Nicola Arfagi whom furthermore played left wing for the club's football team.

Following the 1919 revolution, the club turned into Egyptian controlled in 1923 below the presidency of General Haidar Pasha and as secretary Youssef Mohamad. In winter 1924, zamalek Club moved for the 3rd time for you what exactly is today known as El Inflate Theater. Then in 1940, the club ended up being renamed Farouk Al Awal after being honored by its acknowledgement from the King of Egypt since well as Sudan, King Farouk. Following the military coup against the King in 1952, the club was actually renamed “Al Zamalek” shortly after the region where zamalek Club ended up being located. Zamalek club consequently moved but once more for the 4th time in its history to its final destination upon 26 July Street, simply 500 meters west of the Zamalek bridge, occupying some sort of neighborhood of 35 acres (140,000 m2) as well as additionally internet hosting 24 different sports.

In 1917 Egyptian customers attempted to form a first Egyptian board for zamalek Club, however this ended up being blocked by the Leader of zamalek Club, a Frenchman called M.Piankie and also the secretary M.Shoudoi which was Belgian, and as a result, no general customers meetings had been held for the next limited years. The Egyptian members noticed which it had been actually important to increase the variety of Egyptian subscribers to gain a majority at the next general members meeting. As a particular outcome, the elections gone wrong to be held and as the 1st Egyptian deck ended up being elected with Dr. Mohammad Badr as Chief executive, Mostafa Hassan because Deputy Chairman, Ibrahim Allam as General Secretary, and additionally Nicola Arkaji, Mahmoud Bassyouni, Hussein Fawzy and additionally Abdo Al Jabalawy as board customers.

After the initial deck. an unique deck in 1923 alongside General Mohammad Haidar since a director. At the starting for the 1940 Gen. Haidar ended up being actually selectesssd to generally be from the assistants of the king. Due to being the favorites of the king, the club s name ended up being actually changed from AL Moukhtalat to Farouk Al Awal and General Mohammad Haidar stayed since a director during the nightclub for virtually 30 numerous years what kind of was strange at an Egyptian club during the course of the time.

Consequently came the Egyptian army revolution in 1952 along with a brand new club s board finished up being created with Dr. Mohammad Shawky because a chairman which ended up being furthermore the secretary He is thwarts team inside the world.11 leuges onlygeneral of the laws workplace with high social status right then. Inside the same board there was clearly Mohammad Hassan Helmy whom is the most popular Zamalek figures taking the position of the secretary assistant. Due to the rules correct then, half the club board had been changed every year as well as additionally Mohammad Hassan Helmy took the position of secretary general.

In 1954 the tip of improving the club stadium was emerging due to the bad state of the active stadium correct consequently. This led the board to take into consideration a businessman to take over zamalek Club since well as thus assist in the stadium renovation. Abd El Hamid El Shawarbi took the presidency and actually though he ended up being elected for a second period however he wasn't able to work desired. Correct then some Zamalek Loyal figures because General Haidar Pasha, and as Haj Sayed Al Annany contributed to style the VIP stand and also additionally the 1st class stand inside a way that suits the high status of zamalek Club.

All of this gone wrong whilst Abd El Hamid El Shawarbi ended up being out of doors Egypt, so whenever he returned he resigned with no helping the club in every aspect as well as additionally the deck continued after Shawky stepped up from his Deputy position (after he left the presidency kindheartedly) to continue until September 1955. Still the idea of delivering a businessman to assist zamalek Club didn't subside, and also thus the famous businessman Abd El Latif Abo Regeila came because the club chairman in 1956 where by then, the rules have been changed allowing the deck to remain for 3 numerous years. And once again Dr. Shawky methods down for the unique businessman although he had been reelected because a nightclub director and additionally all for the sake of zamalek Club s prosperity Even though Abd El Latif Abo Regeila had been reelected for a 2nd presidency period, he had to leave Egypt soon after he lost his money due to the governmental plan against private property (Bus Company and also additionally a mansion at Marg that had been the hiding spot for numerous players for the duration of the course of the period of resignations).

However still zamalek Club continued to look for but another businessman, as well as additionally Alwe Al Gazzar came because a Chief Executive whom was the owner of Al Sheikh Sherieb Organization and the chairman of the deck of the Coca Cola Company correct consequently. Though he finished up being merely chairman for a short period he was able to bring Actual Madrid at his very own expense in 1961 to try out against Zamalek. But still he lost his property due to governmental rules as well as also he left Egypt. In 1962 came some kind of unique deck with Eng. Hassan Amer because a Chief Executive and additionally emeritus deputy was given to Dr. Mohammad Shawky, Mohammad Lateef, Galal Kereitam, Mahmoud Emam, since well as Mahmoud Hafez. Eng. Hassan Amer stayed as director until the defeat of Egyptian military in 1967.

In 1967, the minister of youth and sports Talat Khairy decided which the club boards will be appointed instead of elected and as hence Mohammad Hassan Helmy took the presidency to become the first sportsman in Egypt to become a leader of a nightclub. He stayed in presidency till July 1971 where the rules came back to permit the board come from elections and to not permit anybody to become a president if this individual hold presidency for 2 consecutive boards. Therefore came Tawfeek Al Kheshen which took the presidency of the board as well as additionally the honorary presidency ended up being given to Mohammad Hassan Helmy.

In 1973 Mohammad Hassan Helmy had been actually elected to become the president and remained since the head of the deck until 1984 and additionally also throughout the course of this period he had been constantly elected since the chairman of amidst Egypt’s biggest clubs. Then in 1984 came the”. Eng. Hassan Amer and soon after him came the Eng. Hasan Abo el Fetouh in 1988. For the length of his period came a brand-new direction by the ministry of youth growing the quantity of elected board customers to 10 which was removed again in 1990. Eng. Hasan Abo el Fetouh aided in building numerous of the brand-new building the club is proud of since the gymnasium building which is considered among several biggest in the Center East. He also increased the funding for many of the sports teams in the nightclub assisting the winning of many championships throughout the course of his era.

In 1990 came Galal Ibrhim became the president of the club due to the death of Eng. Hasan Abo el Fetouh. This short-term deck finished up being presented till September 1990 whenever general club meeting had been presented with the elections of that Eng. ”Mohamad Nour El Daly” turned into the leader of the new deck till 1992. In 1992 Galal Ibrhim came since the brand new leader of the club. As the rules gone wrong to be changed correct consequently and as the vice treasurer had been actually to generally be selected largely by the deck subscribers, and then Hamada emam had been actually chosen by nonpayment to that position whilst ”Abd El Hamid Shaheen” had been elected to the treasurer position.

Since for the board subscribers, it consisted of: Dr. Ahmed Shereen Fawzy, Mahmoud Marouf, Mohamad Fayez Al Zummur, Raouf Gaser, and Tarek Ghonaim. Since per the rules, zamalek had been furthermore unique to have 2 members of the board below age of 30. For every one of the these couple spots, Samy Abo El Kheir since well as Ihab Ibrahim had been elected. As for the appointed customers by the high committee for youth and as sports, Dr. Mohamad Amer, General Hanafy Reyad, and also additionally Farouk Abo El Nasr had been place into the board. By 1994 ”Abd El Hamid Shaheen” finished up being not able to continue his responsibilities due to his disorder, however the board elected to keep him in the position in honor of his devotion to zamalek Club, and thus Farouk Abo El Nasr was designated to take the duties while retaining ”Abd El Hamid Shaheen” within the position. In 1995 changes came to the deck due to the court reduction of 4 subscribers in the deck due to their absence from the deck meetings for 6 times.

All these customers happened to be Mahmoud Marouf, Mohamad Fayez Al Zummur, Dr. Mohamad Amer. The newly appointed members were Mortada Mansour, Mahmoud Abdallah, Mounnir Hassan, and additionally Ibrahim Latif. Nevertheless the he high committee for youth as well as additionally athletics objected upon linking the appointed members alongside the elected ones as well as also as a result Mounnir Hassan, and as Ibrahim Latif forfeited their positions for the better good of zamalek Club and as to remove any shame happening to the board.

And since a shock, the newly 2 appointed subscribers for zamalek Club board gone wrong to be Dr. Mohamad Amer because well as Farouk Abo El Nasr in help of their abilities as well as additionally their commitment. Because some kind of outcome Dr. Shereen Fawzy had been chosen to be treasurer until the brand-new elections. On Thursday 4 July, came the decision by Dr. Abd El Menem Emarah to launch the club deck and as the Egyptian Sports Federation board after the sad incidence inside the game between Ahly and Zamalek season 95/96, because the board decided to freeze the soccer activity in the club. Meanwhile the EFF earned a show of wrong decisions that brought it to be revealed too. Since a happen a one 12 months temporary nightclub board was actually selected of that Dr. Kamal Darweesh had been the director as well as additionally General Abd EL Aziz Kabil was vice chairman with the board customers consisting of General Hanafy Reyad, Magdy Sharaf, Ismail Selim”, Azmy megahed, and as “Mohamad Abd El Rahman Fawzy. Furthermore accountant Mahmoud Badr Al Deen was actually appointed since treasurer .

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