Sunday, April 8, 2012

Zamalek Qualified by losing 2-1

Ahmed Hassan " Zamalek midfielder " assured that his team has done the best in the game with ivoirian africa sport to pass to the next stage of the african champions league, because we had no choice.

Ahmed Hassan statements came after Zamalek qualification to the next level, when Zamalek won at cairo in the first leg of the game 1 - 0 scored by Razzak, and lost in the return-leg 2 - 1.
Hassan said to El Nahar Sportiv Channel " if we left the champions league, our season would ended for us completely, and that's what we were not able to bear ".

" the game atmosphere was not good at all, the humidity, the bad pitch and the referee's mistakes plus being away of the games because of the stopping of all the sports activity in Egypt, but we got over all this things " Hassan Continued.

" The Team has played good, and being qualified was the most important thing for us regarding the offensive plan that we followed from the beginning of the game " Ahmed Hassan Said. 
Amr Zaki " Zamalek striker " was the hero of the game who scored the goal early from a penalty kick.

Samuel Pelin has scored for africa sport at 57, then Ole Cofe at 68, Zamalek players objected on the first goal because they said that the ivoirian player made a mistake with Abdel-wahed El sayed " Zamalek Goal-keeper ", and the second goal because they said that Mahmoud Fathallah moved the ball away before passing the goal line.

Zamalek began the game and It was so obvious that they are suffering of Shikabala absence , because he is the team brain and he's the responsible for moving the team of the defensive mood to offensive.

at the beginning the Ivoirian was about to score at the first minute but the last line was awake and they succeed in stopping the danger of the ball, Zamalek was trying to take the lead sometimes within the game, Amr Zaki was so active and his movements was so effective.