Monday, April 2, 2012

Guardiola will solve AC Milan algorithm?

FC Barcelona
I'm writing this post after suffering 2 hours in the bed trying to sleep but in vain, when I close my eyes I just see FC Barcelona giants repeating after the great Cataloni anthem, wearing their amazing awesome kits, ready for the most hard clash in all the 8 teams, It's a great feeling I have every time I watch a game for my favorite team ever, when they begin their awesome show practicing their own philosophy everyone playing the role that he has been asked for from Guardiola.

but what makes me can't sleep is not only feeling enthusiastic about the upcoming game, but It's a fear of the competitor, your enemy is not APOEL like our friends, no they are also giants, you are talking about AC Milan " Rosso-Neri " as they are calling this ancient team in Italy.

Let's admit that the game will be so hard and closed, because of their strategy in the first leg of the clash, AC Milan was playing on josseppe Miazza between the supporters of The Italy giant just to not lose and to not win, which shows what Massimiliano Allegri is planning to do, in my point of view that Allegri played the first match just keep his chances on, because if he played the last match with an offensive tactics It would be the first-final round.

he knows so well what is the reaction of Guardiola's sons when they see the spaces and when they feel that they are pressured, and he knows that they punish so fast, so he said that if I kept It as 0 - 0 , and wait to prepare myself in Camp Nou game, I would be the most lucky person if I scored 1 Goal then I closed all the ports and spaces in the Gameto not let FC Barcelona use their advantage in passing the ball and dominate the battle area ( The middle ).

I see that It would be a good strategy but It needs a lot of effort to be done, you're not playing a derby with Juve or Inter , you're playing with the most creative team in the world, on their own home between their fans who will never accept anything but the victory.

let's say when the expected Massimiliano Allegri's plan will success, I think when Alexis will not be fit like the previous game, Let's say that Sanchez was not concentrated in the game as we used to see the Chilian boy, he needs more focus, and he will be fit and ready I bet now that he would be a factor of Barca victory, and It will also depends on the players how calm they are, if they are prepared or not, I still remember Inter scenario, we dominated the game but in vain, they scored and won while we were the highest in having the ball within the most of the time.

plus It appears so clear that we don't have the ready-alternative for Abidal, we suffered the last game because of his absence and we will, while adriano is away too, I think the next days Guardiola will ask for ( A Striker and the rumors already spreaded that he wants Hulk ) and ( Defence someone will take Puyol place who is about to finish his career and It appears clearly that he begin to be more slow, so Pique needs someone beside him ) and ( Back-Left who will take Abidal place unfortunately ) .

Guardiola will begin with the same tactics that he's using always, to dominate the battle area in the middle and to pass the ball so easy as usual, but the differnce with be in the 11 players who will begin, I think that tomorrow he will begin with Valdes, Pique, Puyol, Mascherano, Dani alves, Sergio, Xavi, Iniesta, Cuenca, Alexis ( pedro ), and Leo Messi.

I think that the game will be opened if one of the two teams scored in the 1st 20 minutes, but if the first half ended without any score I think that Milan will close the game as they are doing always, and maybe we will see extra time, you know what I wish if they " Milan " scored first, so IT will be like a push for FC Barcelona players to solve AC MIlan's defence algorithm, and I think It will be so easy this time.

anyway still the problem is on, that I can't sleep, PLEASE I think that I need any help or any advice to help me sleeping and stop thinking in the Game tomorrow. Good Luck my best team ever and I hope to watch the most beautiful match I've ever seen, I need you guys to remind me with the last year clash vs Arsenal.