Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Abdullah Sissi officially in Zamalek for 3 years

the new striker for Zamalek " Abdullah Sissi " said that Hassan Shehata is depending a lot on him for qualifying to the African final.

Zamalek announced today that Abdullah Sissi has joined officially the team and he signed the contract with Abdullah George, regarding the contract he will play for Zamalek the upcoming 3 years.

Zamalek group includes Ahly, Mazimbi and Ghanian Chelsea, which has been described as the hardest group than the other one, After Sissi's sign he said " I was watching the draw with Hassan Shehata and after they declared Zamalek Group he said that he will depend on me the upcoming days "

" I hope to be useful part in the squad and to keep Hassan Shehata trust " Sissi said, he declared that he got more than offer from a lot of clubs but he preferred to join Zamalek.