Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the efficiency of David Villa

the efficiency of David Villa, It's the title of my article, let's admit that we lost the game, even if we didn't lose the ball for more than 75% of the game time but officially we lost the game, the game in my opinion was a copy of what Morinhio did when he was coaching Chelsea 2009 and when he was coaching Inter Milan, the same way of the defensive tactics.

It appeared clearly that Chelsea did nothing all the game except the goal, It was the most teased moment I've ever ever seen in my life, passing passing missing the chance after the chance, then suddenly, Drogba did it, Di Mattio was playing with all of his squad in their half of the pitch, closing the distances, even they didn't come close to Barca players, they were waiting them.

Let's talk about the negative sides today in the game and why we lost and why we were not positive on the target.

1- Luck : I will not talk a lot about luck It was so clear when Alexis put the ball in the goal bar at the first 10 minutes, so no need to talk a lot about FC Barcelona's luck.

2- even if we dominated the game and we kept the ball for more than 75% but u feel that the players were not in their normal mood, Iniesta and Xavi were totally out, Fabregas also was bad.

3- Guardiola was too late in changing Fabregas to put Cuenca in, also Alexis who missed more than chance to score, I think It was urgent to take him out and to send Pedro in.

4- the defensive way that they used to play the match, It was totally closed for the players to solve it while they are not concentrating already, I will not blame Di Mattew for his tactics because everyone knows his team's abilities and skills and played with the tactics that fit to his players skills.

5- the back left absence, or let's be clear, Abidal absence, It's a nightmare for guardiola after Abidal surgery to think about who will play this role.

6- the main reason in my opinion, David Villa absence or let's say the absence of the efficient striker who use the half chances to score, Chelsea today  forced us to go on the sides of the pitch and to make this crosses which was useless from the time that you have no striker, so It was always missed, WE NEED David Villa, to solve the algorithm of Chelsea Defense tactics