Monday, April 30, 2012

Zamalek won Fassi 2 - 0

although the hard situation in Egypt, No Egyptian League No Egyptian Cup, Zamalek has won El Fasi Club with two goals, with the head of Ahmed Hassan And Ahmed Gaafar, who scored in the second time of the game which has been held in Morocco.

It was a balanced game of Zamalek, Hassan Shehata used a balanced tactics, It was not offensive but It achieved the target of the game, to win the first leg of the game, waiting the return match here in Cairo.

It was the first time since a lot to see the players doing their duties perfectly, Amr Zaki was the man of the match, he succeed to generate a lot of dangerous chances to the white club, his effort was one of the victory factors.

El Fasi Coach admired how Hassan Shehata dealt with the game " The Experience of the ex- Natiol team was the main reason of Zamalek victory " he said.

Hassan Shehata warned the players after the game of the more confidence which might cause of what happened with El Ragaa two years ago.

from his side Mamdouh Abbas decided to reward the players after the great victory with 800 Dollars for each player in the squad, waiting the return leg in Cairo, to qualify for the next level of the Competition.