Friday, July 27, 2012

Egypt vs Brazil 2-3 the Game review

It was only one question to be asked yesterday and today and I think for a lot of time " Why Hani Ramzi didn't begin with Muhammed Salah? ".

a big score with 3 goals for the Brazilian side in the first half was enough to let anyone was watching the game between Egypt and Brazil in London in the Olympian games that It will be goals festival.

the first half has been ended up with this result, and Ramzi made the change with Salah to see that the Egyptian team is able to compete the Brazilian team and even able to change the game for his side.

after scoring 2 goals and refreshing the hopes that the Egyptian team is able to draw and even to win, all the people said one sentence " why you didn't push Salah in the game from the start ? ".

the second half was like a copy of our last game with Brazil, but the password this time was Salah who has been boasted by all the fans and the former Brazilian and Egyptian stars watching the game.

Brazil couch has admitted that the game was so hard and Itwas about to be lost but they achieved what they were looking for and they won the game. also Romareo the Brazilian superstar boasted Salah and said that Salah made the difference in the second half.