Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sad Night For FC Barcelona

I will just say one sentence " this is the football " , no one knows how much sad I am, one of the most sad moments I've ever passed is the time from the last Saturday until today Tuesday, we were running behind a beautiful dream after getting more close to la liga leader " Real Madrid " , It was the game for making It only 1 point, but our minds were out of the game.

as usual FC Barcelona was going to the pitch to just show all the meaning of football, no care for the result no care for anything, this night was not like usual, this night It appeared that we are focusing on winning and scoring, we were so hurry on winning, we didn't play our football, we didn't show our special style, we will not blame the luck even if we faced the most bad luck ever the last time but still there are some factors else.

we didn't promote our lines with the needed players this season,at the season's start we got 2 injuries " Pique & Puyol " , we were playing with " Mascherano & Busquets " instead, It was so clear that we have problems in our back, we lost a lot of easy games because of the defense suffer, then we lost Abidal for the first time, It was like a warn, even after we abandoned Maxwell, and we have no Back-Left, Adriano is not a back-left he prefers to play in the middle. but Abidal went back again It was a great return, but few time has passed then we got the second shock when they declared that Abidal will leave again for a dangerous surgery again, we began to suffer again.

the header-striker, after we left Eto to leave 2 years ago, we didn't find anyone to play as a striker, just David villa who played with the same style of FC Barcelona but he still a striker who is able to take the advantage of a half chance to score a goal, but we lost him at the last January in the world cup for clubs.

Let's admit that Guardiola's situation of renewing the contract was a factor, even until now I don't know if he will continue or will leave, I think the same feeling is inside the players, plus he insisted to not find new solutions for the defensive tactics of the clubs who studied our style and tried to stop the danger of our players, what happened tonight reminded me with what happened when we played with InterMilan.

in my opinion the following points is the solution to get back in the game again like we did after losing the title against InterMilan

  • Guardiola's contact renew.
  • bringing new players in the needed positions, we need ( defender & back-left &striker )
  • concentrating on the next season and forgetting this season totally just learning what we have been mistaken in.

at the end I wanna say that whatever happened FC Barca will be the best for me ever and I will support all the players as usual, and I appreciate everything they did to bring the titles and trophies to make us happy, I recommend to watch this video, It's awesome video.

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