Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We will not allow Al-Hadary to take part in the Brazil game

the Sudanese Club leaders Merreikh declared that they are not willing to release Essam Al-Hadary for coming international game ahead of Egypt’s friendly game with Brazil.

The Egypt Goalkeeper number one has a lot of problems with his current club " Merreikh ".

“We will not allow Al-Hadary to take part in the Brazil game,” Merreikh President Gamal Al-Wali was said.

“How could we give an undisciplined player the opportunity to represent his country in such a historic match? I am really surprised with the decision to recall him.

“We saved him from ending his career or getting a heavy ban after the problem he had caused with Ahli, and then what has he given us in return? Only more trouble.”

Merreikh shouldered most of the fine imposed against Al-Hadary in the wake of his infamous departure from Ahly to Sion back in 2008.

The 38-year-old keeper has been far from settled in Khartoum this year, and he asked to transfer on more than once.

He eventually incurred the wrath of his employers, with chairman Al-Wali vowing to make him the team’s fourth-choice goalkeeper.

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